February 21, 2017

Making of POKO ARTS

Making of Poko Arts 

  • Project: Poko Arts episode 1
  • Production: Treenod
  • Stop motion: Comma Studio Inc.
  • year: 2014

  • Making film of Poko Arts

    Based on the clients' concepts, we plan our rigging process before we begin building the puppets.

    It is crucial to build the set to scale with the characters, so temporary foam board puppets are made while artists build the actual puppets.

    Casting with epoxy putty

    Puppet making process

    Dye the fabrics

    tah-dah! Boni is ready.

    Our animators give them life!

    Comma Studio: http://www.commastudio.co.kr
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/commastudio.ani
    Contact us: 3kim3@hanmail.net