August 6, 2014

COMMA STUDIO - Making of Botos Family (Stop-motion Animation)

Making of Botos Family 

This is the set for the "Botos Nightmare". Every tiny lamp was equipped with a LED, and the walls were constructed with wood and wallpaper.  For the doors, we built a prototype, then created the casting mold, which allows us to make multiple identical doors.  =)  After the set was completed, we anchored it so it wouldn't move during shooting. 

Moong is a Sapsal dog which is a shaggy breed of dog.  We studied Sapsal dog's fur and apply to the puppet.  Hurrah for the puppet artist and her patience!

After the puppet is completed, our animator gives life to it.  

Bori and Mozzi is also being produced as well.

Arrrr....The Botos Family having a nap. Aren't they adorable? XD

Earlier concept for the Botos cafe and rooftop house

Set making is simply a construction site at a miniature level. The key is building the set to scale with the characters and props, as well as being able to allow animators to move and animate the characters freely. This is the reason why certain sections of the sets are able to be separated.

Sometimes animators accidently kick the table legs which means everything must be reshoot. =(  Nothing short of a tragedy, especially since all Botos videos are filmed at 24 frames a second.

You can't make cat videos without at least one about boxes. =D

Newer Botos Family episodes are being produced for channel KBS to be broadcast in 2019.  If you'd like to view earlier episodes, click on the link below.   

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