July 3, 2014

Creating the title sequence of Comma Studio

Making of Comma Studio title sequence. 

The title sequence of Comma Studio
8 seconds long and 24 frames per second.

Stop motion animation is time-consuming and repetitive work. However, it's not too difficult as long as you are patient. This makes a fantastic hobby that may even grow into a career.  

Let's take a look at the stop-by-step process to making the Comma Studio opening sequence.

comma making film stop-motion storyboard

Storyboards are like a blueprint for animation, where everything is visually planned before production. You might even want to add some notes such as camera movements or lighting information to make it as clear as possible for anyone in the production to understand.

Comma Studio making film stop-motion storyboard

Find the right materials for props. Common items include styrofoam, foam board, woods, PVC, or similar building materials. With some imagination and creativity, you can use almost any object to make your movie.

Comma Studio making film stop-motion storyboard

Flexible PVC is light weight, easy to bend, and strong. After you making your desired form, polish with the appropriate sandpaper. 

Comma Studio making film stop-motion storyboard
Carving letters 

"There are a few things to keep in mind if you are just starting out with letter carving. Good quality tools are the way to go; cheap tools will only lead to frustration. And keeping them sharp is very important. Start out by carving sampleletters on scrap lumber until you get the feel for what a proper cutting angle is and how deep you need to carve."

by Journal Staff 

Comma Studio making film stop-motion storyboard
Shooting the stop motion

Set up your camera and begin taking photographs.

Take a single photo of the objects in the starting position and move the objects bit by bit each time. You can move one piece at a time, or several objects moving in a busy scene. Continue moving and photographing until the scene is finished. Save your work frequently.

You can now render the project as a video file. If you like, you can open the video in an editing software and add music, sound and special effects.